4D Winner Result

Big bet

1st Prize RM 3000
2nd Prize RM 1200
3rd Prize RM 600
Special Prize RM 240
Consolation Prize RM 72

4D Winner Prize

Small bet

1st Prize RM 4200
2nd Prize RM 2400
3rd Prize RM 1200

4D Winner Prize


ABC RM 260
A RM 780
4A RM 7500

How to Bet for 4d Toto on Your Smartphone and Win Rewards?

Are you an enthusiastic game player? Do you want to play and bet for 4d Toto? If yes, then stop looking any further! Rest assured that you have already landed on the right page. So, get ready to explore an enticing journey with 4d Toto. Needless to mention, 4d Toto has already garnered a huge popularity and acclaim among the players and gamblers. Not only it's easy to play and wager, but also it lets you enjoy a compelling, intriguing, and entertaining experience. Now, what are you still waiting for? Just have a look at the following sections to reveal the steps on how to bet for 4d Toto.

With the advent of technology and the internet, it has been really easy and hassle-free for the gamblers to bet on their favorite games through their smartphone! Now, you can actually bet on Toto 4d online. It's an easy, simple, and stress-free process. For more details and a convenient experience, refer to the following two steps.

Step 1: To start with, you are required to download the app. The app comes with a rich and intriguing interface. Even if you are using it for the first time, you won't face any hurdle. So, quickly download and install the app and then proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Assuming that you have downloaded and installed the app, please launch the application and you are ready to place a wager. Bet for your favorite 4d Toto on your smartphone and wait for the exciting rewards cum payouts. Whether you are sitting at the comfort of your home or you are on the way to some place, you can place a bet from anywhere, anytime simply with a few mobile clicks. And, if you are lucky enough and you follow a perfect strategy, then you can actually win great rewards and hefty payouts in no time.

However, please keep in mind that betting on 4d Toto via this mobile app is supported for two countries, such as Singapore and Macau.